B&BS Summer Challenge!

My friends, summer is upon us. With summer comes the onslaught of bbq’s, rooftop parties, day-drinking and beach getaways. To help combat the corresponding calorie bombs, I present to you… 

the Beer and Brussel Sprouts Summer Challenge!

We’ve all seen the ridiculous month-long challenges floating around FB and Pinterest: 30 day Ab challenge, 30 day squat challenge, 30 day ______ <insert particular kind of ass-kicking workout that you know you won’t do every day, in increasing increments of 5>. 

This challenge is different. 

This challenge is your own. 

To achieve weight loss and fitness success, one needs to have tangible goals. Goals that you can literally check off on a calendar, or list, or whatever way you find manageable. For the last several months, I’ve done this privately to track my progress and to hold myself accountable. I’ve found it to be a huge part of my weight loss progress, and I know it would benefit others as well. 

For the B&BS Summer Challenge, think about what results you want to acheive…  Wait, scratch that… think about the results that you WILL achieve in four weeks. (Remember, believing that you can do something is more than half the battle!Do you want to drop a jeans size? Do you want those biceps to pop? Start to get rid of that tummy pooch? To be able to run longer? Faster? Feel more confident in a bikini? Once you know what you want, set attainable goals for each day that will actually get you to that ending result. We’ll start the challenge on Monday, June 16 and finish on Monday, July 14. 
Why four weeks you ask?

Four weeks is all you need to see results, if you are consistent. 

For example, in four itty bitty weeks, I will… 
-be able to run 5 miles at a 10 minute pace. 
-lose 8 pounds (2 lbs per week)

Easier said than done, right? That’s where your plan comes in.

How will I achieve my desired results? I will…
-work out 5 times a week. That gives me one day during the week and one weekend day, if that’s how I want to use my rest days that particular week. Doing this helps me to keep focused, and allows me recovery days when I need them.
-run 3 times a week: 1 easy run for recovery, 1 faster pace run and 1 long run. This is a very basic running regimen for me, but it’s helped me to up my speed over the last couple of months. 
-juice as a meal replacement 5 times a week. Maybe I’ll do breakfast or lunch, it really depends on when it’s most convenient for me. I love the nutritional benefits from juicing though, and I want to continue juicing regularly. 
-eat clean. Primarily veggies, fruits in the morning/early afternoon, chicken breast, tuna steak and shrimp. I also need to replace my usual romaine with something more nutrient-packed, like spinach or kale. 
-cut back on dairy intake. I’m lactose intolerant, so clearly, my body does not want that stuff. BUT I love cheese and am not willing to cut it out completely. I think 3 times a week is realistic for me, and I know my digestive system will be thanking me for it.

So to help me crush my goals, I’ve created a Google document that I can mark off each day as to whether I hit my daily goal. Feel free to use or tweak this document! You don’t need a gmail account to access this document! Just click HERE to access it, hit File, Download as Word doc. Easy peasy!

If you’re interested in the challenge, please comment below! You can share your goals or keep them to yourselves, but anyone who comments will get personal encouragement from yours truly!! Feel free to email me at beerandbrusselsprouts@gmail.com for fun email motivation, to share your goals, or ask questions about food, workout ideas, etc.! Consider me your not-yet certified online personal health coach. 😉

Let’s get these goals mapped out so we can have our healthiest summer yet!! And remember…

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