Recipe: Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt

It’s hot out, Baltimore. Like sticky, soupy hot. And it’s only gonna get worse as July creeps upon us.

With this weather, I cannot even fathom eating hot meals when I get home from work. On Monday, my boyfriend made chicken salad, which was delicious; however, typical chicken salad is loaded with calories from mayo! After a friend suggested that I use Greek yogurt in place of mayo in my garlic aioli (for my beloved brussel sprouts), I was inspired to try using Greek yogurt in place of mayo in chicken salad!

Now, I know that most people love grapes, cranberries, walnuts, etc. in their chicken salad recipes. I do not. I HATE the idea of creamy fruit. Ugh. Vom. Feel free to add whatever additions that you’d like to this super-simple, delicious recipe!


Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt
13 oz can of chicken breast (I use the big cans from Sam’s club; all-natural, in water, 98% fat free)
1 small container (150g) plain Chobani Greek yogurt (this is only 90 calories for the whole cup!)
1 lemon
garlic powder
onion powder

Drain chicken. If you’re using a huge can like I was, use about half of the Greek yogurt. Basically add in spoonfuls at a time until it’s the consistency that you want. Season to taste with the garlic, onion and S&P, then give it a good squeeze of lemon juice to brighten that bad boy up.

That’s it! I put a 1/2 cup scoop (105 calories according to the label and MyFitnessPal, plus 90 calories for the entire cup of Greek yogurt – I didn’t use it all in the chicken salad, but I ate the rest from the cup) over some mixed greens, gave it another squirt of lemon juice and wolfed. Delish.

I just love that the small cup of Chobani is only 90 calories!!! I added some spices (cumin, curry, turmeric) for flavor as I finished the cup, and was just imagining all the guilt-free dip possibilities that one could do! So now I’m curious; how do you use Greek yogurt?

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