Weight Loss and Social Life

Here I am again. At the crossroads of sticking to my goals (since yesterday started my new 4-week summer challenge) and the temptation of everything wonderful that summer brings.

For Baltimore City teachers, the school year officially ends today, and tomorrow, heck, this afternoon, brings the start of much-deserved relaxation. For months, we’ve dreamed of sleeping in, lazy brunches, late nights and lots and lots of beer. And dammit, I love beer.

However, for one who’s still trekking through on his or her proverbial weight loss journey (I detest that phrase; I acknowledge that it truly is a journey, but ugh, so cliche.), summer presents all new challenges with so many different social opportunities. BBQ’s, staff end-of-the-year parties, out-of-town friends coming to visit, the fact that my gym has a pool WITH A BAR… I really struggle during the summer with maintaining my weight. Honestly, I’ve always cycled through these periods of extreme working out and motivation during the winter/spring, but once summer gets here, I lose control and give in to all of the glorious gluttony that’s synonymous with my summertime social life.

BUT! This summer, I’m really going to try to stay on track. Part of starting this blog was to have an outlet for accountability for myself. Notice I haven’t posted in a couple days? Yeah, my motivation has been in the hole recently. I’m giving myself until today, post-staff end-of-the-year celebration, to take it easy and go over my daily calorie goals. Working out isn’t my issue. I’ve been working out almost daily: Bikram yoga twice a week, running twice a week – just ran the Baltimore 10-Miler this past Saturday – run or workout dates/meet-ups planned out, etc. It’s, as it’s always been, my self-control with food and booze that’s starting to dead-stop my weight loss progress. Many of my friends have shared with me that they’re dealing with the same thing. We’ve fallen off of the proverbial horse, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel altogether (how ya like those mixed metaphors?)

With that, let’s keep ourselves motivated, friends! I’ve got a trip to Vermont coming up in one week and that’s keeping me focused for now. For my Baltimore friends that are around this weekend, check out this event – a double whammy of fun workouts AND social time! The 2nd Annual FIT+ Festival at Harbor East! Tons of free workouts, music, food, and if you register now, free parking! Let me know if you’re going and we can meet up 🙂

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