Recipe: Zucchini Pasta

 Let’s just lead with the finished product, shall we?
Holy moly, this dish was (it’s already destroyed) fantastic! Keeping with my trend of meals that are fast, simple and low-cal, this zucchini “im-pasta” is definitely a keeper. 
You’ll need:
-1 zucchini (per person)
-your favorite pasta sauce (homemade is ideal, but I was starving and grabbed a jar from Safeway; just watch the calories, sugar and sodium content in those ready made jars. I got Eating Right 20% Less Sodium Tomato Basil, with 50 cal’s per 1/2 cup)
-non-stick spray (I use Pam’s Simply Coconut Oil spray – all coconut, none of the cal’s)
-onion powder, garlic powder, Himalayan Pink sea salt, pepper, etc.
-a veggie spiralizer (linked is the one that I recently purchased)
Wash that zook really well, spiralize it, plop in a pan with some coconut oil spray, add your favorite pasta seasonings – onion powder, garlic powder, HPSS for me – heat your sauce, plate those nood’s and add your pasta sauce! BAM! Start to finish, about 10 minutes flat. My kinda lunch! According to MyFitnessPal (a must-have for the calorie-counting amongst us), this dish weighs in at about 96 calories!!! Now, I just finished mine and I’m pretty full, but that measly less than 100 cal’s could definitely use some protein added into it. Cook up some boneless, skinless chicken breast, some seasoned tofu crumbles, or my proat standby, tuna steak. Whatever you add to it, know that you’re getting fiber, lutein (good for your eyes), vitamin C and more with this green veg!

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